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    Nov 2004


    My two year old has always been easy to put to bed - give him normie, turn off the light and shut the door, but lately he keeps coming out screaming. Then we discovered that if we leave the light on and the door open, he sleeps. And his new word this week is "Mon-saa." We are getting him a nightlight, but is there anything else we can do to help settle him??

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    Custardtart Guest

    I don't know where your beliefs lie on this, but I'll let you know how we handled it, in case it's helpful.
    We taught the kids to pray for Jesus to protect them and get rid of the scary things, and it seemed to help the night-time fears. We also found as they went through 'nightmare stages' that if we said a bedtime prayer with them for sweet dreams that they slept well, but if we forgot one night then they'd have nightmares. There seems to be something in it.


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    mooshie Guest


    i don't know if this will work for you but it certainly worked for us.

    when my first dd was around the same age she used to be scared of all sorts of "creatures of the night" so we went to the $2 shop and i got her a special "magic bottle" it was just a lovely purple (her favourite colour) spray bottle, i explained to her it had special powers and we would squirt the magic through her room at night so she could be safe and have sweet dreams. when she wasn't looking i filled the bottle up with plain water and added a couple of drops of lavender oil. each night we would go and "spray" her room, it worked an absolute treat, in fact i remember her running into my room the very first morning after we used it and she was so happy saying mummy the magic spray worked, there were no monsters in my room

    my ds is 5yrs old and insists on having the hall light and his bedroom light on before he goes to sleep, i just turn his light out before i go to bed, but leave the hall light on (a really low wattage like 20 watts) this is mainly for him to be guided to the loo for his toilet trips and also for me to see where i am going to replace the baby's dummy

    good luck i can totally recommend the "magic spray" - get your son involved in picking the colour and style maybe even put some special stickers on it just make sure he doesn't see you filling it up cause these tricky little kiddies can click on pretty quickly lol

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    Mar 2004

    I used to have a monser torch it worked a treat because all monsters are scared of torches 8-[ .

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    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Hi Simone...we did the same thing as Michelle. We had monster spray that all three girls used from around two years of age til about five. They sprayed it around their rooms like under their beds and in their cupboards as a nightly routine before they went to bed. We also got them dream catchers to help with bad dreams.