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    So Miss H is 9 months today.
    Last night she was really unsettled. Very short sleeps, and well she woke up when DH got home and refused bed until we went to bed as well.
    Anyhow DH were talking about it last night about how every month on the 4th she is unsettled. Miss M was the same and still is to some extent.
    For instance:
    Both girls, even though Miss M has grown out of it now, wake at about the time they were born every month on their dates. (Miss M: 20th, Miss H:4th)
    Normally the day or two on either side of their dates they kinda go feral, have a growth spurt, hit milestones or whatever.
    This time, Miss H was having great 2hr naps during the day, going to bed every night by the same time, sleeping well, and rather happy.
    For the last days she hasnt slept well, day or night. Generally angry. Today she changes her nap times, two one hr naps, and half hr later to bed. But for sure tomorrow she will be back in routine, back to normal until this time next month.

    As Miss M has got older, shes not as bad, but round the 20th she still goes feral.
    If they were older (much older! ) its kinda like their time of the month.
    Im seriously not ready for that one!

    So what Im wondering does anyone else's LO go through the same every month similar to this? Or are my girls just a little strange?
    Its nothing major and Im not worried about it, just wondering if anyone can relate?



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    As far as I know DD doesn't she does have the odd grumpy day but I've never paid attention to the day/date.

    Isn't that bizarre though! I guess at least you are prepared for it though!

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