thread: More Q's on prams...

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    Jun 2004

    More Q's on prams...

    I seem to be posting this everywhere, but figure you girls (& lads) in here would know about this.

    I have had some advice on prams (both 3 and 4 wheel) but I was interested to know why Emmaljunga hasn't come up in discussions as yet. Is it price? Or are they crap? I notice on a baby store website that Emmaljunga prams were quite prominent (obviously they are a keen supplier).

    Has anyone got one? If any, the ones we would look at are the Cervox, Cervox Sport or the Crossway types. I guess I am comparing them to something like the Bertini Shuttle prams (I've yet to see the Bidwell ones).


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    Mar 2004

    We liked the look of emmaljunga prams but they are just too expensive. I couldn't justify paying $1000 or so for a pram when we could get one for half that or less. I assume they are a quality pram - they would want to be for the price they are! We ended up buying a peg perego pram (about $500 I think) and I love it, although now that we have Grace we have bought a second hand double pram so that I take both kids out without having to worry about Harry running off or getting tired.

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    Jun 2004

    Thanks Bon,

    I didn't know how expensive they were. Gulp!

    We are off to Baby Bunting in Melbourne next week to check out a large range of prams. Any other thoughts from anyone on the topic of 3w or 4 w prams????


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    Jan 2005
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    Hi Hayseed,

    I'm pretty sure I've replied to you before about this one.

    I chose Bertini Bidwell over Emmuljunga due to the 4 wheel steering and the price. Because I'd planned to have 2 bubs close together choice was limited in the type of pram that had a toddler seat division.
    There is a few more now though.

    One thing you might want to consider is how well pram folds down and how much room it takes up in your boot!
    I had a VK commodore and I had to take off the wheels to get it in. Our next car was VR commodore and it fitted fine. Both cars had not much room for anything else and I had to get a cheapie when we had a holiday as I wasn't too keen on filling car up with bags and all the other bubby stuff. (yes I'm a holden girl and am very happy with my new pre loved VX!)

    I think the good thing about the Emmaljungas is they have the seperate bassinet which is really good for newborns. My Bertinis back rest folded down all the way though and was fine.

    Go and have a good play at baby target and visit the independant baby stores as they can have better deals than the chainstores. The staff are more helpful too.

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    May 2004

    Sam- You can actually buy the seperate bassinets for the bertinis as well.

    Hayseed- A note on the Emmuljungas. My girlfriend has her sisters old one, it has now done 4 children (my friends sisters eldest child is about 12 I think) so they certainly last the distance. But they are pricey, I'm sure I have seen them above the $1000 mark as well.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    yep I haven't seen one under a $1000 I don't think.... all I have to say is we just went out this weekend for a stroller and bought one for $80 because I found the pram to be too big & heavy & even though it was great for the first few months, it wasn't necessary anymore, and I don't have the car a lot so we public transport it and walk heaps. Just a thought.... the other things is *ebay* good prices on good prams there...

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    Nov 2004

    Hayseed, I live about 5 mins walk from the Baby Bunting in Burke Road North Balwyn/Kew, happy to do coffee if you're coming to Melbourne!

    And they do have a fantastic range of prams, at least 50, I reckon! Good luck in choosing...

    I had a Bertini Bidwell, bought second hand from a friend, it had four wheel driving steering, which then broke and I now can't use the brake... needless to say I'm going to buy a double/limo pram with #2...

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    Vanessa Guest

    I have a Bertini Bidwell and love it, but practical - wise, it would have been better to get something else, as others have said, it takes up all the boot space. I am thinking of going on a driving holiday and as we have to take the portacot, we are going to have to get a more compact pram, which is more money that I needn't have spent. There are other prams on the market which are just as good in quality, and have similar features that fold down much more compactly.

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    May 2004
    Scarborough, QLD

    I have an Adventure Buggy but I think they are an NZ brand, its great and I bought it second hand but the only thing that annoys me is that when you fold it up to get it in and out of the car for example it has nothing that stops it unfolding. I find that a real pain and if we have No.2 it would be something I would be checking out.

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    Vanessa Guest

    Another thing about the Bertini is that the harness is only for the arms, it is no good for when they are older and can wriggle free to stand up. I just upgraded(downsized my Bertini) to a Vacro(SP?) stroller from Babies Galore, we went away last week, and it is very compact and nice to steer.

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    Feb 2005
    out and about

    You might have heard a lot of this anyway But I am pram obsessed
    I had an emmalunga side by side for twins,(hired from twins club, way too expensive to buy!) Way too heavy. then a childcare side by side, lasted til they were 4, and coz every time they got out they ran opposite ways, so I spent too much time saying" has anybody seen a child that looks EXACTLY like this one??" I kept them in the pram a long time.
    Now I have a light weight 4 wheel stroller, that stays in the car for shopping, and a big three wheel jogger for walking around the town ( dirt tracks) its great to manouver, the best to push, but heavy and bulky to pack up ( so it just stays up by the back door). I also have a little umbrella stroller cheapie from target that we use to go on hols.
    I have just bought a side by side jogger ,thats not too big. will probably still have to go through wide aisles, but hey all in all not bad.
    As someone else recommended ebay you can get things a bit cheaper

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    Jul 2005
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    This is my first post and regarding a subject I too am very passionate about: my pram! Firstly, I don't drive and have a baby and a 10 year old. A good quality pram is absolutely vital for me especially when using public transport. Recently my 1994 model Emmalunga pram was permanently damaged by my 10 y.o. OMG my world was crashing around me!!! hehe. Luckily I had a spare (SteelCraft) , a wretched 3 wheeler that is useless unless being used on perfectly flat surfaces. As soon as my insurance cheque arrives in the mail we are heading over to Baby Bunting in Balwyn to order a new Emmaljunga Crossways. It is $699. The $1000 prams you have seen by Emmaljunga include a bassinette attachment. I've tried out many prams in my life as a childcare worker and mum and there is none better than an Emmaljunga if you want durability (though it wont deal with a 10 year old in a fit of jealously "I wish I could ride in the pram mum!") Don't choose Emmaljunga if you only use a pram for supermarket shopping. Yes, they are heavy.... it would be like using a 4 wheel drive car for tight city driving only.... a huge waste of money. If however you want a pram to deal with any terrain (especially good for getting on and off trains) for many years then Emma's are the one for you.
    Oh and don't forget to ask for one with SOLID WHEELS... no mother needs to deal with pumping tyres on a pram.... and the Emma's have fantastic suspension built in to the chassis anyhow.