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    I've been a bit concerned about routines too. My baby is 9 weeks and I have been going by the feed play sleep routine. I think that because she is healthy and putting on (a lot!) of weight then I must be doing the right thing so i keep doing it.
    The only problem I have is with feeding during the night. She wakes every 3 hours (to the minute) at night, although I have her fed and back asleep within half an hour - maybe 45 mins. I wouldnt have thought she'd be sleeping through the night yet, especially considering how hungry she is, but am i wrong? is she meant to be sleeping more through the night?

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    No... I mean babies are individuals and some babies sleep through from a very young age (under 12 weeks) and some start later. Our 2 1/2 yr old has slept through a handful of times... okay maybe around 12 times in her life. Jovie our 12 week old (almost) has slept through twice. They are all different and develop differently.

    When Matilda was 12 weeks she was just starting to sleep more at night & went from waking every 2 hours to every 3. HTH!

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    Yes i agree with the above comments. I think you'll find as she begins to put on more weight as she grows older she'll be able to take in more milk to keep her going for longer stretches of time. She sounds like she's right on track!

    I also found that with Ella sometimes all she needed was the dummy to suckle on to put her back to sleep.

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    Toby was waking about every 3-4 hours as well and when he was about 12 weeks I decided I needed more sleep so I started trying to resettle him with a dummy. He's now only feeding once between 7pm and 6am, the rest of the time if he wakes he takes the dummy and goes back to sleep. It took a few nights to get it going but he's fine with it now.
    I do think they get to a point where they don't necessarily need the feed but they have been waking for it for so long that they just keep doing it out of habit.
    Obviously it's different for different babies, but you can only try and if she is genuinely hungry she won't resettle with the dummy and then at least you'll know.
    Good luck

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    I agree with the above comments. You'd be surprised with the number of babies that DON'T sleep through!
    You can try re-settling techniques if you wish before offering a feed. You can try either a dummy, patting on the bum, rocking just to name a few. If she becomes more unsettled as the time passes, then offer her a feed.

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