thread: Motherhood myths

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    Vanessa Guest

    Motherhood myths

    What are some things that you were told by other mums/ friends/family etc. about mother hood that are complete myths!

    Personally, for me, I was told Breastfeeding comes naturally.

    For me, myth!

    It was the hardest thing about becoming a mother!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Hi Vanessa, that is something I can relate to!

    I was told that contractions were like bad period pains, yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was also told that if a bub was fed, dry and burped then all was ok and just to let them cry! myth they forgot about reflux!


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    Vanessa Guest

    Advice I was given was "Sleep when they sleep!" Great idea in theory but my little guy is a catnapper and during the day sleeps forty minutes max each sleep, by the time I run around attending to house work I am unable to do when he is awake, I get to bed and then he awakes. The first five weeks I was exhausted esp. since he was awake from 8pm to 5am breast feeding every two hours!!! He would sleep until 11am and then back to two hourly with 20- 40 minutes cat napping.

    He has since settled down, his long sleep is of a night; goes down around 7:30pm and sleeps until at least 4:30am, but after this, he is awake for two hours sleeps for less than one, feeding every three hourly. I dont feel as sleep deprived cause his night is now night!!!!

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    It was okay for me to sleep when Kameron slept cause he is a bit like me and loves his sleep LOL. But it is impossible now with Lachlan cause Kamerons's day sleeps are a thing of the past

    Love :smt049

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    Mar 2004

    I heard a good one tonight - Yasin has a hormone rash because I eat too much spicy food!!