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Thread: Motherzzbuzz today!!! ANyone else going?

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    Default Motherzzbuzz today!!! ANyone else going?

    Is any one else going to Motherzzbuzz at the powerhouse, new farm brisbane today?

    I am so excited! sounds like a lot of fun

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    What did you think of it? I went and was so disappointed. It was mayhem and the babysitting on offer (10-15 mins) was just ridiculous. Then how you were to sync that with your beauty treatment was out of the question.

    It was nice in theory but just was not worth the $48. It was like it was organised by people that actually did not have children. I heard a few women say that they were leaving as they were so annoyed by the chaos. It did settle down about 1.5 hours in, but when it started it was nuts. I think it only settled down as many left. It needs a lot of fine tuning if they do it again. But for a marketing excercise, it needed to be more reasonably priced and much better organised.

    Did you go to the morning or afternoon session? I imagine that the afternoon session may have been a little less busy. But I was very disappointed.

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