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Thread: moving 8month baby to new room

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    Hi all,
    Our 8 month old baby girl has slept in our room since birth (in a cot) and now we'd like to move her to her own room. We need to get some decent sleep (now when she's awake she likes to make various noises, e.g. rattling the dummy up and down the cot rails...blowing raspberries...etc.!). We tried to move her today for one of her day sleeps, but it was a bit of a disaster. I tried for almost 2hrs to settle her to sleep, but she just screamed and kept looking around the room. The room is actually where she spends most of her awake time, so it's not entirely new for her. I played the same music and settled her in exactly the same way, but it didn't work. We all have colds at the moment, so it maybe wasn't the best time to do the move. Anyway, the cot is back in our room now and we decided to try again when we all are feeling better. Does anyone have any advice on how to make the transition any smoother, or do I just have to accept that there'll be lots of heartache heading our way?

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    If she spends alot of awake time in there maybe she's gotten used to the fact that she is usually awake in that room, not sleeping. Maybe try to make that room for her rest/relax time if you can until she's used to it being her room. Maybe read a quiet story to her before she goes to sleep in there with it darkened or have a quiet chat/sing to her for a few mins before she goes to bed to help associate relaxing in there instead of playing.

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    Because of house moves and renovating, Lexie changed rooms a couple of times between the ages of 3 months and 9 months, and then from hammock to cot.

    With each change she would be unsettled for about 3 sleeps (largely down to looking round the room, new sounds, different light etc)

    I kept everything else the same....same Mummy, same music etc. But it still took 2 days for her to go back to "normal".


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    We went on holiday for a week - new location, new house, new cot. DS slept as he always does, but once home we just banned him from our room and put him in his cotbed (not the holiiday cot) and he was fine with it (surprisingly).


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