thread: Mozzie Bites on 10week old

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    Mozzie Bites on 10week old

    Hey girls

    Just wondering, is there anything I can do for mozzie bites? DS is nearly 11weeks and has 5 of them on his forehead and 2 on his hand... I know there probably isn't much u can do...I just hope it isn't annoying him, he doesn't seemed to fazed by them, unlike his sister who has terrible bites on her legs and has scratched them so don't look very good at all...


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    I don't know what you can do about them if they are not bothering him. An old remedy is a paste made of bi-carb soda and water smoothed on the bite but that is to stop the itching. He is prob not even feeling them, but as you say, they don't look great. Can you see where mozzies are getting in to the house. Would a mozzie net over his sleeping area help? Sorry but I'm not much help..........

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    Maybe some Calomine lotion, or if you have Euky Bear Rub, it says you can use that for bites as well (though may not be useful for an 11 week old hands and face)


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    Thanks girls... It must of happened the night before when mum dropped me home, was 5.30pm and just the walk from the car to the house, he must of got bitten... They seem a bit better this morning, I rubbed a bit of sorboline cream. Im just glad they don't seem to bother him, they weren't small ones either!!
    When DD gets them, if they get bad we have to wrap them up to stop her picking them so they don't get infected!! So hard for them at that age when they just wanna keep scratching!

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    The Bepanthan Anticeptic cream is great for mozzie bites.

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    If you are breastfeeding express a little milk onto them