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    mucousy poos

    Hi all, have been having some trouble with DD2 she has reflux just as big sister did and is now on zantac for it. She has right from the get go (excl the first fortnight) had mucousy poos, mchn said it was because shes a c/s baby, then as time went on she blamed it on foremilk/hindmilk imbalance due to my oversupply, with symptoms of reflux i decided to go dairy free, the poos seemed to be less mucousy but nothing else changed so mchn told me to go back on dairy as it was playing havoc with my system. The mucous increased, have been back on dairy for over 4 wks but not having a lot, but for the last 2 days have been basically brown mucous rather than poo. Can anyone shed any light? Is it likely to b s dairy sensitivity given that there areno other symptoms & that her reflux didnt improve wihout dairy? We have a paed appt mondayi will discuss it with him, but just after an idea of what we might be looking at here? Shes 11wks old, exclusively breastfed. Any info appreciated
    Just adding, theres no family history of any intollerence/allergies

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    No help sorry.
    Dd had mucous in her poop most of the time under 6mths and her reflux is bad still. Drs here said don't worry, but they don't recognise reflux as a problem either lol
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    Thanx, so you never found out why & there were no repercussons from it?
    I just dont want to cause some sorr of problem for her by continuing to eat something i shouldnt, im a stresser lol

    Anyone else?

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    If dairy is an issue soy can be as well. Are you chowing down on soy to fulfill your creaminess desires?

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    Hi Jen, I was recently wondering how you were getting on.
    Our DS1 had reflux and none of our kids have ever liked me having dairy when breastfeeding, however, I don't recall them having brown mucous poos. Not sure what could be going on for your little one?? All I can recommend is that if it is the dairy causing it, just check everything that you're eating, as milk solids are in most breads, biscuits etc. I've also heard that soy can be an issue too. Our doula was telling me that if bub's poo goes green/brown instead of pumpkin orange then theyre digestive system isn't happy. She suggested staying clear from chocolate, orange juice and to start taking a probiotic which will pass through the breastmilk to bubs.
    DS's reflux didn't improve when I went off dairy and he was also on zantac. From memory, they stopped that legs to chest/mid feed pulling off and screaming, too much wind, awful crying when I cut out all dairy.
    umm, can you see a naturopath - they might have some answers? The one I saw with DS1 was the person who got me onto baby probiotics and that's how we weaned him off the zantac around 6 months. Hope things improve for you. Reflux is just awful