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Thread: mucus in stool- 7weeks old

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    Default mucus in stool- 7weeks old

    Hi!! My baby is 7 weeks old now. She has large amounts of mucus in her tools - for more than 2 weeks now. Tool samples were tested but results were -ve. The ped is not worried but does not know why it is happenning.

    My baby is 100% breastfed; each feeding lasts only 6-8 minutes for every 2-2.5hrs. Doest not have cold/flu. She is gaining weight well enough (10lb 2oz now ; 7lbs 6oz at birth). Is fussy in the evenings.

    Anyone else had the same problem??

    Thank you for your responds.

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    Do you happen to drink a lot of orange juice by any chance? I know that when I was BF, if I drank a lot (ie more than 2 glasses) of OJ, both Olivia and Charlie had mucus poos.......

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    Maya Guest


    Hi Lucy!

    Ii do not drinkj much oj but I do eat 1 orange, at least. However, I do drink lotsa apple juice I wonder if that does it too. Eitherway, I will cut out oranges from my diet for now and minimise apple juice intake as well and see if that changes anything.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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