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    My DS has been vomitting a fair bit today but the vomit is quite mucusy. He's 17 weeks and I don't think he has a cold. He sneezes a bit, doesn't have a runny nose but is chomping furiously on his hands and our fingers. Does anyone know if mucus in vomit is a problem or if it's fairly normal and nothing to worry about?

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    Im not sure, but i hope your DS gets better soon and its nothing to worry about

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    santapookie2 Guest

    Red face Vomit w/a lot of mucus

    My daughter (21 months) is having the same issue tonight. I'm not in Australia, but rather Reno, NV, USA. She did not have a cold or any other symptoms, then suddenly tonight she started throwing up and there was more mucus in her vomit than you could squeeze out of 1000 slugs... I've called the nurse hotline, my mother (a nurse practitioner) and left a message for her doctor - I will repost if I hear anything useful).

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    santapookie2 Guest

    Red face a few things...

    I've been reading a few sites...

    Congestion or a respiratory infection can also lead to vomiting, since swallowing excess phlegm and mucus can irritate your child's stomach. (from

    Allergies - if he/she's had an allergic reaction to something (a holiday plant, a decoration or scent that's being used, etc) This is just from my observations of my own situation, my daughter has had an 'unrelated' eye infection for over a week and it hasn't gone away w/antibiotic treatment.

    Something is lodged in her throat (my thoughts have turned to something related to the Xmas tree - maybe she ate a 'leaf' from the pine tree and it's gotten lodged in her throat or nasal passages, etc) - also a fear that crossed my mind due to how fast it seemed to come on.

    Poisonous substance - Your child could be vomiting if he has swallowed some kind of drug or toxic plant, herb, or chemical. What to do if you suspect he's swallowed something toxic, call the American Association of Poison Control Centers' national emergency hotline at (800) 222-1222, immediately. (also from

    Here is yet one more link discussing the same issue - another au site:

    Good luck, and again, I will write more if I find anything else out.

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