thread: Mummy, what's drugs?

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    Mar 2004

    Mummy, what's drugs?

    I put on Sunrise this morning because the house seems a bit quiet without DH rattling around.
    The top story is Ben Cousins' drug dramas. Yasin listened for a bit and then asked "Mummy, what's drugs?"
    Eeek, I thought I had a few years before I had to have this kind of discussion. I told him people take them to feel differant but they make you sick and he seemed happy with that but I feel it's kind of inadequate.
    Does anyone have a better explanation?

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    Nov 2005
    in a house!

    I think that was a great answer Dach!

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    Sep 2007
    Off with the fairies

    Thats a good answer, at his age thats all he is probably ready for, If he is happy then I'd leave it. You can work out a more detailed story for when he gets older.

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    paradise lost Guest

    What you said sounds perfect for kidlet his age Dach. If he asks again you could enlarge on it...?

    My mum (worked as a drugs counsellor later on) told me "You know when you're ill you get drugs to make you better? Well, some people take drugs when they're not ill, because it makes them feel good for a short time. But if you take drugs when you're not ill it makes you ill. And if you keep doing it it makes you so ill there aren't any drugs to make you better." when i asked, age 8 (lived on the Orkney Isles, very sheltered!).


    PS - LOL at your edit reasons - single parenthood kicking in eh? I don't know how it'd be with 2. Today DD took her nappy off, did a wee on her books and then came and asked me to put her nappy back on. Brilliant.
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    Jun 2003

    I'd say thats age appropriate Chloe. Good answer. Very similar to what I told Paris. But I also explained there are some "ok" drugs from the chemist, but they are only ok if the dr or chemist says for you to take them.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Scary isnt it...
    Maddy is older & so I simply point out my digrace of a sister, whom Maddy is kinda freaked out by & not at all intersted in or close to..
    She then tells me she will never take drugs, she is scared of ending up like my sister!

    I think your explanation & Hoobley's are great!

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    Jul 2006

    Tracey - I suppose that's the only positive of having a sister like that - at least your kids will most likely never touch drugs.

    Hoobley - welcome to the "pulling nappy off" club. At least it was only wee this time - it gets worse sorry to tell you!

    Dach, well done. That was a great explanation. I also like Bec's mum's explanation and Cailin's.

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    paradise lost Guest

    Melanie, it got worse a little later on when she shouted on me and when i went to her was offered a fresh poo from her hand. Great. She'd done it in the (empty bot for her and some bath toys) bath, which was luckily very easy to clean. She's either evil or a comedy genius.


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