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Thread: my 10mo ds is changing routines... I am stuck!

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    Default my 10mo ds is changing routines... I am stuck!

    my darling ds nearly 10mo, seems to be going through changes in daytime sleeping and I feel a bit lost.
    His evening routine is:
    6pm dinner
    630 or so bath
    Cuddles and bed time story
    7pm breast to sleep
    He generally doesn't make a sound until 530 or so. Lately that is sometimes 4 am. Generally I bring him to bed and feed him again and he seems to now sleep there until 8 am.
    I'm not crazy about the late wake up because I can't get him to take good naps anymore. When he woke at 7am I can get him to sleep at 930 for an hour. Now even trying at 10 or 1030 he only sleeps 30 mins. Plus the afternoon nap is either not here or really hard to get. He has starts to fall asleep onnme in a pouch if I'm out walking at 5-530. This hasnt effected his we time yet.
    Could it be teeth?
    can anyone tell me their routines for 10 mo??
    I still breastfeed him and he lives his solids.
    If I carry him like now, I can sometimes get longer naps broken by crying where he wakes but resettles against me.

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    hey nox,

    i think teething

    here is my childs routine
    7am wake ( he is teeting ATM so about 6.30 but i leave hime until 7)
    8am solids
    9.30 nap-1.5 to 2hrs
    11 bottle
    12 lunch
    1-2 nap ( 45 mins to 1 hr)
    5 dinner
    6 bath
    7 bottle and bed

    iwould try and keep naps coonsistant- so it betwenn 9.30 and 10 everdyday i find this helps with him too- also somtimes he whinges for anout 30 mins and then sleeps


    i know who frustrating it can be.

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    I have a clockwork baby and the only thing that affects her routine is teething. So I'm guessing could be teething?

    7am - wakeup, morning bottle
    7 to 8 am - breakfast
    10am -morning sleep (1.5 to 2 hours)
    11.30 to 12pm - wake, lunch
    2pm - afternoon bottle
    3pm - afternoon sleep (roughly 2 hrs)
    5 pm - wake up, bath,
    6.30pm - dinner, evening bottle
    7 to 7.30 pm- bed

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    either teething or maybe he is just getting cold i know we have horrible nights through winter with bugalugs waking up cold casue he tosses and turns and kicks his blankets off

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    well today I 'encouraged' him to wake at around 7. It seems to be easier for me to get his naps in. I wonder if that is the best thing to do.
    These 4 am bf are annoying but he quickly sleeps again so maybe just teeth as you all say. I feel like I've been saying teeth for a long time. I can tell there's something happening but seems to be forever 'coming'!
    also I don't give him big mining or afternoon teas. Morning tea is usually bf when he wakes or 11 whichever is sooner and afternoon tea can be some cheese or if I'm eating a muffin some of that. He still also has 3pm or so bf. None of it seems to really effect his appitite so should I not worry?

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