thread: My 8 week old doesn't have tears....

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    Question My 8 week old doesn't have tears....

    I just wanted to put this out there as I am not sure when babies are mean't to develop them ....

    But Lachie doesn't have tears when he cries and it's starting to freak me out ....

    My GF reckons babies develop tears at 2 weeks .... does that mean there is something wrong with his tear ducts???

    If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it ....

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    Jan 2005

    Go to the GP or call the MCHN maybe, and ask them? I'd say thats your best starting point.

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    Dee - i cant quite remember when B got tears but i know it was a fair while! definatly not at 2wks! Enjoy it while they are not there - cause once they start flowing........ makes u feel even more sad seeing them cry!

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    If bubs tear ducts are blocked his eyes would be very watery & get sore so you have no concern with them being blocked....

    Some kids just take longer to get tears, I have one! Alexzander is four and very very rarely cries with tears. I asked the Dr at every checkup he had & was told it can be normal for some kids. So just check with your Dr to be sure JIC, but it is probably fine.

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    Nakita's first tears came when she was 10 1/2 weeks or nearly 4 weeks corrected, during a nasty session of blood tests, had me in tears

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    I can't remember when my DD first started having tears, but now that she's almost 14 months the tears are very different now.

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    Apr 2009

    I didnt notice that ds didnt have tears til he was 4mths because thats when they started falling down his cheeks Your bub might have them but their not falling yet. IYKWIM