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Thread: my baby is driving me crazy!

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    Default my baby is driving me crazy!

    I know that sounds bad but every sence he started crawling and standing up he is driving me crazy, i put everything up and some how he still finds somthing he is not suppost to have. i have no tolorance with him. i home all day with him and i have tons of stuff to do besides takeing care of him (which is my top prioraty) on top of that he is starting to want my full attention 24 if i leave the room he freaks out even if his dad is with him. i just dont know what to do. does anyone know an excersice that will calm me down or an activity to keep him busy.

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    hi tessa... i am a stay at home mom and i know what you mean... it sounds like you little boy is quite active... just remember this stage will pass. he has been sitting there for the last 9 months or so seeing every thing pass him by and now his little brain is able to let him touch and explore and investigate on his own... i know it can be frustrating... but just remember you only get one chance in his little life to see him at this stage. It goes by sooooo quickly. When you are feeling especially overwhelmed put him in a playpen or some other safe place where you can't hear him and jump in the hot shower for 5 - 10 minutes. It will help you a lot. Also, remember... he is you first priority.. those loads of laundry can wait until he is napping... and the dishes too... I know it seems overwhelming... but bravo for staying home with him... it is the best thing that you can do for him. Nobody loves your baby as much as you do and he doesn't love anyone as much as he loves you. And you only get one chance to be HIS mommy. I didn't stay home with my first until he was two and i had my second baby... he is six now and I regret it until this day... and let me tell you i had days like you are talking about... some days i still feel like WHO SIGNED ME UP FOR THIS JOB ... but then i have to remember.. it goes by sooo quickly... my oldest is in first grade... my middle is going to kinder next fall and i only have two more years at home with my baby girl (she's 2.5) Another sugestion... and i know that TV time should be kept to a minimum... but my kids really responded well to the baby einstein videos even at a very young age. they have lots of music and colors and objects... also get down on the floor and play ... do puzzles together just the really easy ones.. i don't know but just remember he'll be off to college before you know it! ~tara

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    Totally normal Tessa! Baby's tend to go through a bit of separation anxiety for mum, some worse than others, but it's just something he has to get past himself. He doesn't realise that if you leave the room that you will in fact come back, he's worried that out of sight means gone forever. It's pretty scary for a little guy when he thinks mummy isn't going to come back for him.

    As for touching everything, have you tried telling him no yet? Lots of people will tell you that they don't understand, but they absolutely do. My son was told no from the minute he started crawling at 6.5months & it took him 2-3 days to cotton on what it meant.

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