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    Not sure if this is the place to put this, and I'm sure there is another thread about this but couldn't find it
    What do you put in a nappy bag? And how many nappies, sets of clothes etc do you put in? I don't want to be out and about and run out of nappies or something like that!
    Thanks in advance

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    I generally have 4-5 nappies, 1 outfit, spare dummies, spare panadol, wipes, 2 bibs, nappy disp bags and of course all of my things because it is my handbag now too.

    I just bring it in with me & replenish what I have used while I was out before I go out again.


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    I think it depends how old your baby is.
    Newborns are more about change of clothes, lots of nappies, feeding stuff and spew rags. Toddlers not so much the nappies as their bowels are a little more consistent by then but lots of snacks and water to get them through a tired time when out and about!
    Always a good idea to leave a few nappies and a change of clothes, plus a jumper in the car somewhere - just in case!

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    I usually have 3-4 nappies, a cloth nappy, change mat, travel pack of wipes (those Huggies plastic things), tube of nappy rash cream, a spare outfit, a dummy, at least 1 bib and usually either her bottle or sippy cup.

    Much like Linda I also do the same in my handbag. If I'm just going somewhere quickly I slip 2 nappies, some wipes, and cream into my handbag. Or on long trips, the nappy bag comes along but I pack her food related stuff into a tupperware container which fits in my handbag (ie. rusks, jar of food, dummy, tissues, panadol/demazin, spoons & sometimes a baby yoghurt too)

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    Man, im so unorganised!! I rarely travel anywhere with a nappy bag. It sort of sits in my boot with a nappy and wipes in it, but I dont' have clothes or anything. I probably should get organised. Saying that I have an 8 year old and am still not prepared with her!! All my friends pull out games, toys etc etc ....maybe I should start making an effort.

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    For Matilda, who is now a toddler I usually have 2-3 snacks, water bottle, a nappy & wipes, plastic bag, spare top, and a toy & a book. Depending on how long I may be out I often bring a spare set of clothes & a jumper in the car. If I am taking the pram I keep a jumper at all times in the pram & 2 toys in the pram.

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    2-5 disposable nappies (varies depending on how long we'll be out for), Huggies travel wipes, change mat, nappy disp plastic bags, 2 dummies, change of clothes, jumper (in winter), muslin wrap (it's Gus's comforter), toy.

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    I usually carry 3 nappies for each baby, wipes, powder, nappy bags, change mat and my things. There is usually a change of clothes in there too but not always (depends if I've replaced it after the last blowout LOL)
    Yasin likes to carry his own backpack now and hates to leave the house without it. It usually has a snack, a drink, a dummy, a blanky, a book and sometimes a DVD.

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    I like to go thru my baby bag once a week to restock! Makes it easy and i always know that i have what i need that way. As for whats in it-

    nappies- about 8
    a plasitc zip lock bag with bum cream, cotton balls, and tips.
    Nappy sacks- for dirty nappies and soaked clothes!!
    clothes- a few shimmi shirts, a good outfit and a wondersuit, a hat and some socks JIC
    Bibs- about 3
    a dummy
    and a face washer or 2, a cloth nappy and sometimes a blanket or wrap, but they are extras that i put in if i need

    I find ive always got what i need, and never have anyproblems... hmm this sounds like a lot, but ive got a really beautiful bag that a friend gave me and it all fits in with room to spare!

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    Yeah i have the same kind of stuff in my nappy bag as mentioned - but my dd is a little older now - and therefore pretty predictable so i just keep the nappy bag well stocked in the car and keep 1 nappy, travel wipes,1 nappy waste bag, 2 dummies, 2 sml toys, 1 bib and bonjella in my handbag so i've always got what i need without having to lug around a big bag.

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    Melinda Guest


    I agree with Fi - it definitely depends on the age of your baby or toddler what you need to take with you.

    When Jacob was a baby and vomiting like mad, we would normally have the following:

    ~ 8 nappies
    ~ 2 - 3 Cloth nappies (we called these 'spitters' LOL - spew rags!)
    ~ 2 changes of clothes
    ~ Half a dozen or so bibs (yes, we needed them, believe me!)
    ~ Change Mat
    ~ Nappy Sacks
    ~ Bepanthen or something like that
    ~ Wipes
    ~ Sufficient bottles/formula etc for whatever stage he was at plus a spare one
    ~ Blanket/Wrap
    ~ Dummy

    I would always have a spare bag packed with these kinds of things in the car as well (we still do!).

    Nowadays, Jacob still needs nappies, wipes, nappy sacks etc, but he also needs his drink bottle, snacks, change of clothes in case he gets himself filthy, suncream when necessary, dummy etc etc.

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    Lucy is almost 3 months, and I now always have in my bag:

    * 2 spare cloth nappies
    * 2 eco-disposables for back up
    * wipes
    * bib
    * terry toweling cloth nappy for spew cloth
    * spew cloth
    * compact wrap rolled up
    * dummies
    * used to have a singlet and bonds wondersuit as back up but hasnt'been needed lately so I've been omitting that.

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