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    Stacey Guest

    Nappy Rash

    Any remedies for nappy rash ..... I have tried bethampin (spelling) curash and avocado oil .... she has a bad rash on top of her fanny .... its awful ... never had a nappy rash with No.1 daughter ... I hate to see it its just awful

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    i never really had bad nappy rash with the girls but if there was the slightest redness id uses paw paw cream and it would clear immediately.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

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    I find that Sudocream works really well for Aidyn...

    Goodluck, hope it clears up soon!

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    mooshie Guest

    for us what works best is a good cream that is thick and also has zinc in it.

    my first dd was prone to terrible nappy rash especially when getting those teeth, i was lucky with ds and so far so good with youngest dd.

    i found the best cream to be Destinin (sp?) not sure if you can get it at supermarket, i get it from the chemist it is around $10 a tube but i truly find it works really well.

    good luck - also try plenty of nappy free time if possible.

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    Matilda recently had one like that and we used dekazin (sp?) its a zinc based one that the chemist has behind the counter and thats the only thing that helped clear it up for her.

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    Olivia used to get REALLY bad nappy rash (in Darwin, so I am partially attributing it to the humidity) which also flares up if she has too much yogurt. It got so bad and NOTHING was working, so I took her to my GP, as the rash started to develop sores on her bum cheeks and it was just awful....

    He suggested we try plain old Canestan & this worked like a treat!

    I think that nappy rashes appear for so many different reasons it really is trial and error & I hope you find a solution quickly.......

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    Stacey Guest

    thanks everyone,

    I wass thinking about cannestan but was unsure .... I think I will go to doc if it has cleared up by end of week.

    I have a little sudacream which I wasnt sure about either .. might try that now ...

    She is teething and very unsettled at moment no signs of teeth but she seems miserable

    thanks again for your input ...

    Was also thinking of going back to huggies at night I found a cheaper brand cosifit but think that you carnt bet huggies ...

    It's so cold here now ... have tried to air her as much as possible ...

    I will keep trying ...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
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    We had been fighting Alana's nappy rash from 3 weeks until about 6 months. It sounds as though bubs could have a fungal type problem, which seemed to be Alana's problem all the time. Its been so bad that she has been on antibiotics twice for it.

    What helped was using a anti-fungal cream, like canestan and then putting curash nappy cream over the top. We did the canestan twice a day for about two weeks. Now we use Daktozin, which is fungal cream and zinc cream together once a day with curash nappy cream. We also changed her nappies to Huggies as we found that they were much softer and we only use non scented wipes (curash-they are very soft wipes). Thank goodness she hasn't had a flare up for two months.

    Hope you find something that works.

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    I've found Sudocream to clear up nappy rash really well with my two, although they don't get it too much. Calendula is excellent for nappy rash but it's a little on the expensive side!
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    Kellee Guest

    We used Daktozin when Charlie had nappy thrush, and when he gets a little bit of redness we just use zinc to form a barrier. Otherwise we don't use anything (he gets a bit of eczema so I don't want to expose him to any unecessary chemicals. We don't use wipes unless we're out - I just cut up some cheap brand Chux wipes (they don't have any chemicals on them) and keep a clean bowl of water handy to wipe when I'm changing him. These wipes can be washed too - it saves me a fortune!

    Hope it clears up - have you been to the doctor? It might be something that needs a prescription.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
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    Nappy Rash

    I use Sudocream or Amolin cream on Mackenzie with every nappy change as a preventitve. In saying this she still gets nappy rash when she is teething but it seems to stay mild and clears up fairly quickly.

    Nik :-)

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Matty hasn't had nappy rash yet but I remember that my MHCN said that just normal old zinc cream is the best - but I haven't tried it out yet but have a tube handy for when the time comes!

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    Jun 2005
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    I remember seeing a segment on one of the TV shows about Nappy Rash and they suggested that Zinc based creams are great as the zinc is what seems to cure it - most of the creams have Zinc in them but check them out as the zinc content varies with each brand. The Doctor who they interviewed said to put it on as you would your nose if you were off to the beach!

    Nik :-)

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    Stacey Guest

    We took DD to doctors yesterday and it is fungal .... put us on hydrozole anti fungal cream seems to have cleared a little but is still very red ...

    Oh my god .... 3 weeks to 6 months of nappy rash would be hard to take ..

    This is my first bout, and as she suffers from reflux I am hoping that this is not going to reoccur.

    It is 2 weeks now that she has been red and am worried about her .... and has been a little under the weather and keeping me up at nights ... as Im back at work, this is driving me to pieces ....

    Am very cranky too ... guess we can both be cranky together .. am worried bout DH as I seem to take it all out on him ...

    I will try other anti-fungal creams if this doesnt help ..

    Thanks for all your replies