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    just changed bubs nappy cuz he was balling and his bum was red as so i put some of that sudocream on it, but also noticed that the bottom of his balls have some spots of blood on them and they r dry, what could this be?

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    It could be nappy rash? It's really a case of finding what works for you - I put moogoo on Pip at every change and haven't had NR since - also changing bum as soon as poo is smelt is handy!

    Try some nappy-free time for a bit, air helps heal.

    good luck!

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    pawpaw ointment is realy good for healing and cornflour is good for preventing

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    Hi Jess
    I would say it is nappy rash.
    Try having ssome nappy free time.
    Which ever crean you decide to use put plenty of it on. The cream works mainly by preventing the urin fron getting to the skin.
    Wash well with warm water before putting the cream on.
    Put fresh cream on 3-4 times a day.

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    nappy free time is the best thing you can do.
    Is its very bad rash try daktozin cream, but not at every change maybe 3 times a day

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