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    Default Naps, when did your baby...

    Just interseted to know at what age did your babies get into 2 big naps a day rather than the shorter more frequent naps.
    And secondly when they did get to this stage did you find they went down for these sleeps pretty much same time every day? Or would you just put them down at a set time regardless of whether they showed tired signs or not?

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    Jesse's starting to get into a routine of a long day nap.. he still has little ones in between but is now generally sleeping for around 3ish hours from around 10am until 1pm or if we do something in the morning like today, he'll sleep 1.30pm until 5pm. If during his long nap he wakes up ill just go back into his room, put his music on and give him a dummy. If hes wide awake ill just leave him there and he'll have a yanda to himself then fall asleep again. He's been in this routine for the past 2 weeks and have found he hasnt had a proper cry since..

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    My DS is still catnapping. He's 15 weeks. I'm also hanging out for a bit more of a routine.

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