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Thread: Need help with Amby hammock...take 2

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    Default Need help with Amby hammock...take 2

    Hmmm...for some reason my last post didnt work.

    Anyway, I just hired an Amby hammock and stand. I have set it up (actual hammock bit was already set up) but no matter where I position Jack in the hammock his head seems to tilt down lower than his body. I don't know if (or how) I need to adjust it somehow, or if his head is just too heavy, LOL.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Marlene... I think from memory you just need to adjust the material where it ties up around the ring area?? Oskar's feet were always VERY close to the bottom and when he wasn't in the hammock it still was higher at the head end. Try adjusting where it ties and make it a little tighter as well. HTH.

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