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Thread: Need help with some activity ideas

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    Default Need help with some activity ideas

    My DS is 6 months and extremely active and since he can't sit up, crawl or walk he gets really bored. I try going to the shops and walk around for awhile (he usually lasts an hour), sometimes visit people (don't like to do this all the time because he sleeps better at home) and we have a variety of play things that he can use. Just wondering what else I could do to entertain him.

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    i have a play box which i change the toys in it every nap time and that seems to keep him active for awhile and i also made som carboard boxes with different textures on it and just watched him.

    hope that helps


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    popping them on a blanket in front of the mirror sometimes keeps them amused for a while.
    good luck.

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    A walk in the park.
    Going for a swim together.
    Looking at a picture book together or a photo album
    Flash cards (make or buy)

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    dachlostar - what would you suggest putting on the flash cards for a bub this age?

    1timemum - my DS is about the same age and not moving or sitting up either. I actually bought one of those Bumbo seats to help him sit up - I've got a ball pit that I sit him in with the Bumbo and he loves it. I've also found that just putting him in the highchair and dragging him into the kitchen whilst I'm there cooking (at a safe distance of course) or cleaning really seems to make him happy as he can see what is going on.

    But also like has been suggested, a walk in the pram to the park or around the streets really seems to pick up his move - even if he is grumpy when we leave.

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    Anna, you could use some pictures of every day stuff like trees, dogs, cars, clouds, trains, fruit etc (just google them and print them or cut them out of magazines) also scan/print photos of family members - even the ones they don't see very often because you can tell bubs all about who they are. Also stuff like wild animals, aero-planes whatever tickes your fancy. Just so long as it's one picture to one card IYKWIM.
    You can just use some craft glue and some cheap carboard (you could even just re-use cardboard boxes instead of throwing them out) to stick your pictures on. You don't need to make them all whizz-bang and flash because babies like to chew them and chuck them around and if you haven't put too much effort or money in you won't mind when they're ruined.
    I think at 6 months what they like best about flash cards is your explanations/the interaction with you. Now Yasin is older he asks more questions about what is on them and he really enjoys animal ones because we make all the aninmal noises together.

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    I love that flash card's idea. I think I might have to make some up for Ashleigh.

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