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Thread: New baby = new mattriss

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    I'm due to have my 2nd bub in late August and my SIL told me that I should buy a new mattriss for my cot?? She said it was a recommendation of SIDS.

    The mattriss that I currently have is less than two years old and my DS never vommitted on it, nor did we have any nappy blowouts (maybe a leaky wet nappy). I had a sheet of plastic wrapped around the end of the mattriss that his bottom was anyway.

    I have never heard of this recommendation???

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I'm in the same predicament, DD's cot mattress is only a year and a half old and at about $100 for a new one I'm not enthused about it, but I'm going to buy it anyway. Mainly because I would never stop asking "what if" if god forbid something happened.
    $100 for piece of mind I guess.

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    Hi - I've heard this too. Apparently due to some dort of dustmite or bacteria or something.

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    Nope its actually ok providing the mattress is cleaned, there was a link somewhere I think Ambah posted it with the correct information.

    We have the same Mattress for Seth that we had for Paris, and according to sids thats fine!

    ETA: I've just googled and everything including the sids website says it should be fine providing its clean, firm and fits the cot well. Here is a quote from an ABC article on mattresses & cots:

    Re-using a mattress from a sibling is permissible if it is firm and fits the cot well, he said. But if the cot is from another household, itís best to purchase a new mattress.
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    I have used the same one for both of mine and will use it for this one also.
    I'm lucky as mine comes apart and you can wash most of it in the washing machine and the other part just wipe down.

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    i have heard this to it is a bit scarry to think ... but there is also a part of me that wonders if the same percentage of healthy living humans also had this same bacteria inside them ? i think i will get a new mattress this time round just to be safe

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    Hi there. I have also heard about it on sunrise. Channel 7, like a news program. So ill be buying a new mattress for my baby number 2.

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