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    When did your toddler start saying things other than mama, dada, buba etc?

    Lily isn't really saying things other than that. Maybe the occaional sound that sounds like hello or something but i dont think its real words. Just wonder what age they should start extending their vocabulary.

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    Tegan, this will vary ALOT! At 20mths Lindsay had quite a few words and was just beginning to talk in sentences, but Erin was talking alot earlier and seemed very far ahead of Lindsay at the same age. Paige still doesn't talk and only has a very few words. She babbles in sentences and has the same sounds when talking about certain things, ie she always uses the same sound for dog. So I suppose real words will follow soon. But don't get too worried if you think Lily is a bit slower than others around the same age her as they will do it in their own time. Once they start there's no stopping them!

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    Alex didn't really say anything much until he was about 16 months, then he got "ball" "bath" and "beer" in the one week... well it was "baaa", "baf" and "bia" but you get the idea...

    Remember, we spend two years teaching them to talk and then the next twenty telling them to shut up...

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    LMAO Divvy you are so right with telling them to shut up.

    Kimberley only really started to use more words when she turned two she could talk but never said much and now at 3 you can't shut her up.

    Don't worry if Lily doesn't say much they all do things at a different age you might find when you have #2 s/he speaks earlier than Lily did.

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