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Thread: Newborn sharing a room with an almost 7 year old??

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    Default Newborn sharing a room with an almost 7 year old??

    Would you do this? James (the almost 7 year old) sleeps like a log and says he doesn't hear Jack when he's doing his howler monkey impersonation during the night.

    Has anyone put a newborn in a room with another child? If so, what were the results? We do have a spare room, but it's mainly for visitors (grandparents especially) and don't want to lose that. We may have to put Jack in there and perhaps the GPs can sleep in James' room???

    Arrgggh...what to do???

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    It wasn't me, but my parents who went through this... when my baby bro was born (he's 7 now, growing up!) they contemplated putting him in with my other bro (who was 8 at the time), but it just didn't work... When my baby bro was sleeping my other bro couldn't go play in his room just in case he woke him up, and couldn't have his friends over... it didn't work for very long at all! But we didn't have a spare room so my baby bro slept in mum and dads room til he was about 2 and then they had to share, but it was less of an issue with him being a bit older.

    Hope you work it out!

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    When we have another bub dd will be about that age, and she knows that she is going to have to share her room (we live in a 2 bed unit), so it will just HAVE to work!!

    good luck with it, ill be interested to see how it turns out!

    but i do think big sisters are more open to having to share their room with a baby over big brothers.

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    I would but the other solution is to use the spare room for bub and move ur son into that room when guest come to stay.. Thats what we do here. My oldest son will get moved into his brothers room when we have people stay as he is the easiest to explain it to kwim

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    I wouldn't - I'd put bub in the other room and get guests to say in your son's room.

    I just think newborn's sleeping patterns are too disruptive for an older child.

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