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    Last night my newborn slept 6 hrs( he is 20days old) i fell asleep and woke at midnight, and he was still fast asleep, i gave him a feed immediately. I feel so bad as i know they shouldnt go more then 6 hrs, is this normal that they can sleep this long so early on, He is usually a 3hr feed during the night :roll:

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    Nina used to feed every 3 hours day & night, then at 3 weeks of age started feeding every 3 hours during the day, and waking only once or twice for a feed at night. I think as long as he has plenty of wet nappies and is content, let him sleep.

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    I agree, if he was hungry he would've woken up. As has been already said as long as there is lots of wet and dirty nappies and seems content inbetween feeds I'd leave him sleep as long as he likes.

    hugs xoxo

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    I have always wondered about that - some people say let them sleep but my sister inlaw used to wake him up to feed......every 3 hours

    I am 3 weeks preg at the moment so early days yet... so genral rule of thumb as long as they are wetting & dirtying nappies then it is ok to let them sleep all night.

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    Jesse sleeps a 6 hour stretch most nights.. his longest was 7 hours.. has since he was a week old. Midwives have all told me as long as theyre still putting on weight to enjoy it and like the others said if they are hungry theyll let you know.

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    I was wondering about this recently as well. Victoria is only 6 weeks old and the last 3 or 4 nights she has been going 8 and a half hours between feeds at night. Last night I gave her her last feed at 7 then put her to bed. She woke up a few times, but was fast asleep by 8pm. She then didn't wake up for a feed until 3.30am. I am a bit concerned as this is a very long time between feeds at such a young age, but she seems very happy and is still ganing weight

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