thread: Newborn and toddler - what pram do i buy?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    Newborn and toddler - what pram do i buy?

    Hi girls.

    #2 bubs due in Feb 06. My DD will be nearly 2.5 when bubs is born. Therefore still needing a pram/stroller when we go to the shops. My MIL bought us one for DD when she was born, whilst its lovely, and will do the job, do you think its a) silly if i buy a new one and try and sell that one b) insulting to her that i get rid of it.

    What sort would i buy - a double pram??? Anyone else having their second and in a dilema regarding prams/strollers????

    Your ideas, opinions are appreciated.


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    mooshie Guest

    hi mbear

    i have 3 children and have had 5 prams/strollers lol

    i had a really nice pram with dd #1 then when my #2 ds came along she was 21mths old and i sold my first pram and bought a limo style one, dd sat at the front and ds behind this was good but a very heavy pram - also ds was a long baby and the back section was very long so he had to be in a semi upright position when only a few months old.

    i have since borrowed another pram for lani as i got rid of the limo one after my dd #1 passed away and i didn't really want the expense of another new pram considering that lani would be the last child (i have 2 strollers but felt they were not very comfy for a new born) hence why i borrowed one.

    well we are ttc again yes i am sooooo clucky lol, so if i fall in the next couple of months lani will be under 2 so i am seriously considering keepnig the borrowed pram (my friend doesn't want it back) and just using a hug a bub or some other sort of sling/carrier for the newborn for when i go shopping and i will also by a skateboard thing to attach to the pram for when i need to put bubs in and lani can hitch a ride on that.

    good luck in your decisions - pram buying can be the most confusing damn thing can't it.

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    Nov 2004

    i have a sk8board, as the pram we bought, and were told that we could attach a toddler seat (we cant) so we bought the sk8board for about $70 from Kmart. They only problam is when we go out for the day or i go shopping for a long time, Xander gets tired (he's 2) So i generally take a sling along and put Xander in the pram when he gets tired and put Declan in the sling. But we are thinking about investing in a limo style pram. If you look in the Trading Post you can generally get them alot cheaper. HTH

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    I have Olivia who is 18 months, who already had 2 prams/strollers, and we have just had Charlie.

    So even though we already had 2 prams, we still needed a double pram for them both.

    We ended up buying a Swallow Lite: it only cost about $230, and it is a double limo style (ie the toddler sits up front with the baby behind, instead of side by side).

    It is GREAT!

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    Jul 2005

    I also have a stretch limo style and it is great. It is a graco brand and have been very happy with it. I don't like side by side prams as i wouldn't be able to get through the isles shopping or even through the carpark.

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    May 2004

    I have a valco double limo style and it is great. It only cost $239 some that i looked at where double that price. I was thinking about a 4wheer double and that would have cost us $639.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    My pram is really cool. It's a Phil and Ted's E3 buggy. You can get a toddler seat that can attach on the back or the front. It's really nifty. Check it out online - just google Phil and Ted.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    I got a new pram when I had DD#3. All the time I was pg I was debating what to get... a limo style or a toddler seat. When I FINALLY decided, I went for the Valco runabout with a toddler seat... All folds up together, it's pretty lightweight (but then again so is the toddler I put in it ) and is easy to steer with toddler in it. The Valco toddler seat has a 20kg weight limit, but some of the other brands have only a 15 kg limit, so just make sure b4 you buy (if you go for a toddler seat that is).

    Only prob I find with the Valco is that sometimes I can't get through checkouts with it cause it is too wide...


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    Mar 2004

    I'm going for the 3 wheeler with toddler seat option. Yasin will still be too young to use the skateboard thing for a long time and I find that slings get too heavy after a while especially once they're not a newborn anymore. The detachable toddler seat means that when Yasin is old enough for the skateboard or walking I won't have a two seater pram that is no longer any use to me.