thread: Nicknames for your children?

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    Pietta Guest

    Nicknames for your children?

    I am interested to find out what nick names other people have for their children.

    I have always called Ryley- Ryley Bums or just Bums now. I get told off for it!! but we all do it. My Mum will call and say "How is Bums today?" LOL

    Also I call him Munchie Bums (short for Munchkin Bums).

    What nicknames do you all have for your children?

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    Registered User

    Aug 2003

    Ashlea gets : Ashy, Asha, monster, Snibby, possum, princess and honey head
    When she was in my tummy it was Bozo

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    Life Member

    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Olivia has always been known as "Muppet" and sadly for her this seems to be sticking........I also call her "Livvy Lumps" and "Livvy Lis"

    Charlie is becoming known as "Bumba" as he feeds so well adn is so noisy as he feeds.......he always sounds like he is licking his lips!

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    Feb 2004

    Well Alexzander gets heaps - Zander, munchkin, dribble monster, chookie, bubba.... I'm sure theres more though!

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    Feb 2004

    Matthew gets Matty, Matt, little man and gorgeous boy.

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    May 2004

    My sister nicknamed Kimberley Kimbers and my step mum calls her pumpkin. She is also called Kimmy as DH's cousin's little girl can not say Kimberley.

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    Melinda Guest

    Jacob is quite often referred to as Snake, Snakey or Mr Snake. He was growing so fast and long when he was little LOL. Plus, DH said something about there being some wrestler called "Jake the Snake" or something like that? I quite often just call him baby or bubbly boy too.

    When we're having a ratty day, Jacob is called Mr Rat LOL.

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    May 2004

    Alexander can sometimes be called little bean. When he was born i called him wiggly worm.

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    Colleen Guest

    Jaykob gets poomba lol i used to call him booger alot lol how silly do they sound when u see them in print! hahahaha Im not sure why but they were just names that stuck.

    Dps parents call him jake, but only because they know I dont want him to be called that :s

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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    Vivienne has HUNDREDS of nick names...
    Viv, Vivi, Vivi-puss, Puss, Vivi-chick, Chick, Chicky, Chickaboo, Boo. Well I guess that's not really hundreds and you can see how they have evolved. Mainly she gets called either Viv or Viv or Boo.

    Blake.. well he generally gets Blakey Boy, Little Man or Buddy. I'm sure he'll get something else with time.

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    mooshie Guest

    lani gets called larns, princess and mostly slug lol

    the slug name comes from when she started moving she crawled along on her belly like a slug, now she crawls on all fours but if she wants to go real quickly she slugs along.

    my ds came up with larns and slug lol.

    we call ds mr magoo - dunno why we just do lol, currently i have been calling him the count as he counts everything just like the count on sesame street.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Kynan gets Munchy Moo mainly, but also lots like baby, bubs, bubby, bubbles etc.... as well as Snotty Nose for obvious reasons LOL!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    When Matthew had his hormonal rash - I was calling him 'My Little Pimply Man".

    He now gets Matty and Matt (from Marks 2 boys) and 'Boyo' and 'Smiley Boy" from Mark and I and I`ve also started calling him 'Kido'

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    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    Hendrix gets

    Hendy, Hendo, Bubby, Baby, Little man, and DH calls him his little thunderbird puppet (WTF??)

    My mum calls him lamby

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    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Nicholas' nicknames are, monster, babbakins, nickybear, nick

    Ryans are, bubba, little man, bubbles, cheeky chops and budha

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    May 2004

    Ok... My turn

    Alecia often gets Leash (something I can remember saying I didn't want her to be called when I was in hospital #-o ) also Chicky babe ('acroposis (sp) now') leaky, DP calles her leaky bum (I tell him not to cause it is gross and she hates it, lol) and chuppa chup.

    Emily gets Em, DP calls her button face (lol... it was an accident and it stuck) and all the other pet names you can think of.

    Violet gets baby, and I think she with get V and Vi... (poor girl, lol)


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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    If anybody asks me I usually tell them I hate nicknames. W gie our kids a name for a reason. That said here are a few of mine for me kiddies.

    Joel - well it was a really long time ago and the only one I can remember is Possum.

    Brandon - was alwas Boo when he was little. I out grew the name and so has he but I think his Father still calls him it occassionally.

    Noah - gets Noah D (usually be me, his middle name is Daniel), DP's family were calling him No No and Blue for a while til I put a stop to it. Umm I'm sure there are heaps of other nice names we call him too but today he's being naughty so I can't remember any of them.

    Tehya - she gets Precious, it started when I was pg with her as that's what her name means. Princess, sweety, baby girl. And atm Little Witch -- because that's what she is being

    Not bad for someone who doesn't like nicknames hey.

    Take care

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    Pietta Guest

    Wow and i thought i was the only one who was making up a weird nickname hehehe