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    When do night feeds stop becoming a neccesity and start becoming a habit?
    The reason I ask is that Tori wakes at 2am (ish) every single night despite what time she had her last feed, it could be 7 or it could be 9:30 and she still wakes at 2. I am starting to think that this is becoming a habit and she is used to being fed back to sleep at this time of the night (it is the only time i feed her to sleep). Is it worth trying to resettle her without a feed first to see if she really is hungry or just awake and needing some help to get back to sleep? I don't mnd feeding her if she is really hungry but sometimes I dont think that she is, just sucking for comfort.

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    Hi, Remember that breastmilk (or substitute) is the main food for babies until 12 months, and that nighttime feeds boost your milk supply more than daytime feeds. I wouldn't be trying to cut back on nighttime feeds at all at this stage. We didn't start cutting back on nighttime feeds until DD was >14 months, and that involved her dad getting up (if I went in to her, she would smell me and want boobie).

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    Hi Ali ,

    I think sometimes it is just habit ...I think I resettled Kaitlyn rather then feeding her when she was around 7months after she had started on solids and was eating well.

    But as a mum I think you would know best what your baby needs. Or speak to your peadiatrician for advise as they will be able to confirm all is well and that feed may not be needed ( that is who I checked with before cutting that 2am feed and resettling)

    Good luck

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