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Thread: NIght feeds for 6 mth old

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    Default NIght feeds for 6 mth old

    For the past few weeks DD has been waking up twice during the night. I have always just fed her (she drinks a full feed) and then popped her back into her cot where she falls back to sleep.

    She is fully breast fed. I have recently started her on solids so I am wondering if this may be upsetting her tummy at night. Or maybe the sensation of having something other than breastmilk feels strange in her.

    She has just turned 6 months so I also thought that this could be due to a growth spurt? Today I have decided to increase the amount of daily feeds so see if this helps.

    Any advice or insight you could offer me?

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    Hi Sweet Pea,
    This happened to all my children at about this age. All were breastfed.
    I do not think it's due to solids upsetting her tummy, or to the strangeness of new foods. I think it's a big growth spurt & she probably needs a bit more to eat during the day (solid foods).
    Their growth usually goes from plateau to plateau. So, it's normal for your DD to make a big spurt like that. If you respond to her need, she will level off. I would suggest trying to keep your number of breast feeds the same, but add on more solids. Is she eating two meals a day? I found it a bit scary with my first that he liked solids so much (I was afraid he'd wean off the breast) but a BF infant who's been going for six full months is not going to just give up the breast.
    It may take a few weeks before things settle. LOL, I am going through the same thing now with DD.
    I had best luck with meals at 11-12 and again in late afternoon. HTH!

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