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    a dummie is called a nonny in my household, no idea why, we used to call ours nonny's as kids.

    anyway, jackson has had a nonny since day one because he was such a difficult baby and could just not be settled. he doesnt have it that much when he is awake now because he is quite a happy baby, but when he cracks it, the nonny is the only thing that will console him.

    he always goes to sleep with it, but last couple of weeks he has been waking 5-6 times a night when his nonny falls out and he wont stop crying until i get up to put it back in. the broken sleep is really starting to wear on me. i know the short answer is just stop putting it back in, but when it is really the only thing that gets him back to sleep you can see why i do it, so anyone had similar probs? he is nearly 7 months

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    We stopped going into Matilda around 8months for the dummy and found in a few nights she slept well. My only advice is to start it on a Friday, that way by Sunday night he doesn't take as long to get back to sleep. We have a few sleepless nights, and it didn't mean we stopped the dummy entirely, we still used it to get her to sleep, and after her nightly feed, but it did take a while inbetween. Goodluck!

    btw at 13 months Matilda threw the dummy out of the cot & we never picked it up again, the same dummy stayed there for 2 weeks before it got thrown out

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    Stacey has a dummy even though we were never going to use one!! But only you girls can appreciate it.

    I used to give it to Stacey through the day but only to sleep and not give it to her at night. That was fine until she got to six months and at night time was STILL SCREAMING herself to sleep!! Then I started giving it to her at night to go to sleep with......ARRRHHH HEAVEN no screaming!!

    When I check on her I used to make sure she had it and now that she is nearly 12 months old I still only use it for sleep times. Although now at night I keep two in her cot. One that she is sucking on and a spare one near her. This seems to work, sometimes she still wakes up crying through the night, but more of a grizzle not a scream, I leave her and she goes back to sleep. Well I dont have a choice other than to leave her as I dont hear her as I'm still sleeping!!! DH tells me in the morning.

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