thread: Nightmare after 4pm

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    Mar 2005

    Nightmare after 4pm

    Girls please help im almost at the end of my tether! My 3yr old seems to have an inbuilt clock that when it hits 4pm she goes spaz and i mean spaz, she gets agro and grumpy, very naughty and you have 2 ask her to do things repeatedly, she gets nasty too sometimes, she is an angel most of the time, and she hasn't needed a day sleep since she was 18mths, she just wouldnt go down no matter what and if she did eventually manage 2 go to sleep she'd b awake till 111 or 12midnite, it was a nightmare. Any suggestions? PS sorry about the grammar. [-o<

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    Mar 2004

    Maybe you could try distracting her with a walk in the park or if you have a garden getting a ball and kicking it around with her for a while. Maybe her blood sugar is taking a dip around that time and she needs a bit of fuel - some carbs or a piece of fruit might help.

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    Kameron went through that but when he was 2, and only if Daddy wasn't home at 4pm. He knew when Andrew would be coming home and heaven help me if Andrew did overtime. All hell would break loose.


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    In most households, I've noticed that "hell hour" is between 5 & 6pm, when the kids are tired and ready for a meal, but it is a little too early to feed them. Seeing as yours is still quite young, it makes sense that they'd need a break at around 4.
    Maybe sit him down with a small meal and a quiet activity for 30 mins? I used to tape "Play School" as a settler for when the kids were overtired, and it gave them the break they needed to become human again.


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    Mar 2005

    thanks guys

    Thanks everyone there are a few good distractions and techniques there ill definately try. Wish me luck.xx [-o<

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    Oct 2003
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    Matilda is heaps younger but she gets cranky in the arvo and I sat her down in her high chair today with a rusk & a sippy cup and played music and she stayed there for 20 minutes and was happy and rested from just sitting for a while... :-k and she is better so far today...

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    My trick is to sit him up at the table with a heap of crayons and paper and let the little mollyduker go for his life This will work if she enjoys drawing.

    Did this today while I was preparing his dinner and he ended up drawing all over my mother's dining table
    -- lucky for me it all washed off with just a baby wipe! Phweew!