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    My 4.5 month old is going days without a bowel motion (like 3-4 days). This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I couldn't find the forum. Any pearls of wisdom? I remember the health nurse telling us that this was common for breatfed babies, but 4 days seems excessive.

    Prob worrying for nothing...


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    Melinda Guest


    Welcome to BB!

    I've heard the same thing, that breastfed babies can go for days on end without doing a poo!!

    Have you rang your CHN just to ask, or a local parenting line perhaps? Some chemists also have CHN's available that perhaps you could ask?

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    Apparently they can go up to 2 weeks and this is normal. Try massaging her tummy clockwise and bending her knees up to her chest, this helps get things moving.

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    I have heard that this is normal, but beware when it finally comes out.

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    Oscar can go up to 10 days without poohing but omg when he does it goes from his neck to his feet! the MCHN told me that this is normal for breastfed babies and they can go up to 3 weeks. i must admit i do prefer it when he goes daily or second day - at least the nappy can contain those.

    HTH beckles

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    Zahra just went......(wait for it......) 15 days without a poo!

    She is totally breastfed and I was starting to worry as 5 days is about the maximum time with my other kids!

    Whatever you do - don't give diluted prune juice or stuff like that as it has a natural bowel irritant in it and that is not what your baby needs!

    Unless your baby is uncomfortable, the doctor here recommended to just leave it. When is does come, make sure it is the normal consistency and not little pebbles.

    Hope you have some luck soon!!

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    Angus went 8 days when he was around 4 months old.
    Ditto what Kelli said.
    No need to do anything unless he starts to strain out pebbles. If you're worried ring your health nurse.

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    Colleen Guest


    It is completely normal for a breastfed baby to hold out for a couple of weeks!

    As long as they are having lots of wet nappies. Basically because Breastmilk is so full of nutrients they can use all the milk in their bodies rather than passing out the waste , they simply dont have any waste!!

    Its a bit scary the first time they do it and I know when Jaykob was holding out, the poo he did was HUGE :s (like one of those 'up the back' types) TMI!!

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    Custardtart Guest


    Heh.. I had my first 'up the back' nappy last week, and that was only after two days without a poo! I hate to think what he'd be like after a week or so, with the amount he drinks!

    It's already been said heaps, but I agree - nothing to worry about unless he starts to show real discomfort or it has a hard consistency.


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