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Thread: Non-vaccinating parents please!

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    Question Non-vaccinating parents please!

    So DF and I decided not to vaccinate DD.
    We also did not give her a VIT K at birth, nor a Hep B before we left the hospital.

    I am fine with this decision for the time being. We review this decision not to vaccinate at all as time passes and her environment canges.

    However, I was at the Parenting Expo on the w/e and they had a petting zoo...llamas, chickens, rabbits, calves, etc. And I would have liked to be able to take Charlotte in...she tends to grab things at teh moment, But I thought she may like the rabbits.
    Anyway, I decided against it due to her not being vaccinated, and I was worried about Hepatitis and things...

    So my question is, what situations do you not allow or bypass due to non-vaccination? Or do you just make sure to wash her hands, not put them in her mouth, etc?
    what precautions do you take to prevent any illnesses if any?

    I would really like chalrotte to be able to go to a petting zoo without being paranoid! lol


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    We feel that as long as the children are not mixing with other children who are obviously sick, and are not in a situation where they mix with other children outside of our supervision (like preschool or daycare) that we are happy not to immunise. Now that Molly is in preschool, we are in the process of sourcing some of the immunisations separately so that we can give them to her.

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    I wouldn't think that animals would be able to pass things on? I just keep the good old wet wipes on hand in that situation (actually I don't leave home without them anyway!!! lol), but everyone should wash hands after petting animals vacced or not.

    My kids don't swim at public pools until they are way over 12 months, I kept them both out of childcare until they are older (I would do that vacced or not tho)......ummm I can't think of any other situations that require me to change anything else.

    ETA - its a good idea to read up and check how the various forms of Hep are spread so you feel better about those situations.

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    We haven't changed anything. Of course my girls have had some vaccinations, but not many. JJ didn't have any until 6 months and then had the 2 month vacc and then at 12 months she had the 4 mth vacc. But thats all she will get. Matilda had the first 3 vaccinations as well & then we got the MMR separate, apparently someone at the GP's surgery had them sent over from the UK and then decided not to vaccinate at all, so the GP phoned me knowing that I didn't want the MMR together.

    With Jovie I'm going to go to a homeopath & get some drops when she goes to a centre, because she's been in family day care and I haven't worried about it yet.

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