thread: Is this normal?

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    Is this normal?

    Hi ladies,

    Are these things "normal" for a newborn?

    - Extreme projectile vomiting?!!!

    - Snorting? DD snorts really loudly when she breathes and when she cries.

    - Wanting to be held to sleep? As soon as we put DD in her bed she wakes up!

    Any tips & advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Jul 2006

    Jasmine is a snorter! I call her Miss Piggy. When she gets frustrated she snorts heaps too!!

    She likes to be held to sleep and wakes as soon as she knows bed is close. I tend to put her in bed and leave her. I dont like to rock to sleep cos thats when she wakes when rocking or bum patting stops.

    The SIL was a projectile one too...i assume its not normal...but i have no idea..sorry!

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    Keira, I don't think any of those things are abnormal IYKWIM - with babies pretty much everything is normal. Could she have some reflux? That could explain the vomitting and the not liking bed. If it's reflux you might find raising one end of her matress helps, also there are baby hammocks that are very good.

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    Jul 2006

    Can't help you with the projectile vomiting (although I don't think it's terribly uncommon). The being held to sleep I think is quite normal. They have been "held" for the past 9 months. I bought a hug a bub so I could still do things but Oskar could still sleep Snorting, again I think normal. I actually laugh at him when he does it... lol. All the best!!

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    Nov 2006

    The vomiting could be reflux, or it could be something more serious. Depends on just how projectile it is, and also how well your baby is gaining weight. If she does it all the time after feeds, and she isn't gaining any weight, I'd go and have a chat with your GP. I had this problem with our little boy, luckily it turned out to be reflux nothing more, but it was very important at that time that we were closely monitored as it looked like it might have been the serious problem. Your GP will know what to look for, go for a good chat and a proper weigh and see how you are going.

    And the snorting - yep, they are full of weird noises when they are really little!!!

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    Jun 2007

    you had a CS didnt you?? I was told that CS bubs often snort etc as they can have excess mucos still in their system. My DD2 is a day younger than yours and was born via CS she is a huge snorter esp at night. She has to be held to sleep unlike DD1 who would self settle from day one. She has had the odd vomit but never projectile- well not as of yet so i dont know but i'd assume all is ok if she is having wet nappies still.

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    Claire went through a stage of projectile vomiting too, when she was a few weeks old. I started about 2 weeks and lasted for a couple of weeks. I was told it was just her getting used to having milk in her tummy! She didnt really snort though. She did the occasional snort, but not often at all. Sometimes she does snort still, when sleeping or when laughing, but DH does it too so I just say she gets it from him! Some nights I did have to cuddle her to sleep, in particular the times when she had done lots of projectile vomiting.

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    Pretty normal to all of the above. Newborn tummies are very small, and the sphincter of the oesophaegus is somewhat under developed and opens easily, causing vomitting (my 2nd son had an interesting fountain effect from his nose - alarming form me, but seemed to cause no probs for him!)
    Babies expect mums body to be their environment. Food, comfort, warmth all rolled into one. 2 weeks ago she was safe in your tummy, rocked by your movement, she could hear your heartbeat. It's a big change to be expected to sleep alone in a basineet after all that "womb service" You'l get their slowly. Yell if you need more info. How's the feeding going?


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    Keira, Ro is a snorter too... I thought it was just because she had a piggy nose! LOL... she also vomits from slight reflux from my fast let down, lying down feeding with her on top of me helps.

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