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Thread: nose picking

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    Unhappy nose picking

    My 3.5 year old is picking his nose until it bleeds. It is awful because his nose bleeds and bleeds, then when it seems to stop he wipes it roughly with his hand and it bleeds again. He has only started picking his nose in the last 3 weeks, it is almost everyday and also bleeding at night when he is asleep. Any other mums experienced/experiencing this and any hints on how to make him stop?

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    Mackenzie has started picking her nose (and eating it - yuck) so I tell her its yucky and she will get a belly ache if she keeps it up. Then she asks me for a hanky and does it again - at least she dosn't eat if off the hanky! You could maybe try a reward chart - each day that goes by without the nose being picked gets a star - 5 stars equal a reward. Just thinking as I type - no real answers here!

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    Oh Steph... I can truly sympathise.... Aidyn is a pretty bad nosebleeder too, but it doesnt come from picking his nose all of the time (at least not what I have seen). In some kids the blood capillaries are a lot closer to the surface of the nose, and will bleed very easily without much provoking.
    Does your DS get upset when his nose bleeds? You have to cement it in his head that if he keeps picking it, then thats what will happen. Maybe teach him to pinch his nostrils shut (so the blood will clot) and it will stop bleeding a lot quicker (not sure if he is old enough to teach that though - I know Aidyn isnt, and he is 2.5)

    I have a horrible time trying to stop Aidyn from rubbing his nose when its bleeding, or straight afterwards, I literally have to wrap him in a towel to pin his arms, otherwise it will just go on for aaages, and we both find it very distressing!
    The only other hint I have is to make sure his fingernails are very very short...
    I agree that a rewards system for not picking might be a good way to go as well....


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