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    rails2005 Guest

    not eating

    My Little girl is almost 11 weeks oldbut for the last 2 weeks has stopped eating (she is formula fed) she will have 30mls then scream she is hungry but its like it hurts her to eat??? am taking her to GP Again today went a week ago but was hoping i could give him some ideas as he told me she just had a tummy bug???

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Oh No Rails!! Is she having wet nappies? I have no idea what her prob could be!! But I hope your GP can give you some answers.


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    Colleen Guest

    Oh thats no good Rails. I hope your Gp can give you some answers.

    Like Tanya said, its a good sign if theres still lots of wet nappies.
    Good Luck at the Gp, sorry Im not much help :s

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    rails2005 Guest

    Silent Reflux

    The GP said she has reflux but with no signs (eg vomiting) he has put her on medication for 6+ weeks. poor Baby