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Thread: Not Really Solid Poos - Should I Be Concerned? (You Know This Will Be TMI)

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    Default Not Really Solid Poos - Should I Be Concerned? (You Know This Will Be TMI)

    DD is 19 months old and averages two poos a day but it's very rare she does a solid poo - theyre all quite sloppy. OK, make that very sloppy.

    She's been like this from birth so it's not like there's been a sudden change in habits - but I'm wondering whether I should be concerned at all?

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    There is a condition called "toddler diahorrea" which is basically this. The child poos frequently and sloppily but without discomfort, pain, weightloss or dehydration. It's just a quirk of digestion in some kids and no, it's nothing to worry about.


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    My DD took a long time to develop solid poos but she drank a lot of breast milk and water not sure if this contributed or if it's a gut maturity thing.

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    My DS is 15 months and 90% of his poos are sloppy/runny.
    However he is still b'fed twice a day so this might contribute to it.
    I don't think it's anything to worry about

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