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Thread: one of those days

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    Default one of those days

    so today i feel like i have said no more then any o ther word in the english dictionary no dont touch, no we dont fight, no we dont throw rocks, no we dont jump on the lounge, no we dont rub our spilt drinks over the tiles, no we dont run on the road, no we dont run away at the shops, no no no no no
    ahhh with 4 under 3.5 how do i stop saying no???? oe sending them to time out, i only send them for fighting and do as many minutes as their age.
    i set activities up in the day for the kids, we play alot outside, we go to the park and still doesnt seem enough they are constantly fighting or teasing one another or just out right misbehaving

    i try to spend as much time with them in the day and keep them amused and happy

    any clues anyone??????

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    4 under 3.5
    Holy cow you're doing such a FAB job!!!!

    Playdough is my friend, during those days

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    :hugs: I only have 2 and your doing a better job than me. one of mine is too young to fight yet though.
    Hang in there you might see a change when the eldest starts kinder

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