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    Hi everyone

    Regan has like a white film over her tongue. A friend of mine said that she thought it was thrush, but I thought if it was thrush it would've transmitted to my nipples (which it hasn't) as I breastfeed. Does anyone elses bub have a white film over their tongue? I see my clinic nurse on Wednesday so I'll ask her then too.

    My 2nd daughter had thrush in her mouth when she was tiny as I was on antibiotics and I don't remember it looking like what Regan has on her tongue. I'm also on antibiotics at the moment due to mastitis, but I only started them on Friday and Regan has had this film on her tongue for a good couple of weeks (she's only 3 weeks old).

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    Lee-Ann - Emma has a white tongue and has since she was about 1 week old (or earlier - cant remember). I have had it checked twice for thrush and it was fine both times. i did treat her for thrush a week or two ago, but looking back i think i had it wrong. it was just because people kept saying to me that she had thrush i started to believe it. now i know she doesnt and it irks me a bit when people point it out to me (do they think i wouldnt notice???). so i would say - if you dont have it, chances are Regan doesnt either, but just ask at your check up anyway.


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    coco has a white tongue which I assumed was from breastfeeding. xoxo

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    Indah had a white tongue & the MCHN said if you can't rub it off with a clean towel/facewasher or something then it probably is thrush, I never had sore nipples or anything & I was breastfeeding, but she seemed to rub her tongue in & out alot, I bought Daktarin oral gel from chemist & in a few days it started to be less... I also put the gel on my nipples after feeds!
    So maybe see if it can be rubbed away? Also Chemist said tongue will be milky & white after feed, but if bubs has been asleep & it's tongue is still thick & white when bubs wakes it possibly is thrush!!!??

    Not sure any of that helps though, but Daktarin is bought over the counter!!

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