thread: Our daughter needs glasses.

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    froofy Guest

    Our daughter needs glasses.

    Our daughter needs glasses and will have to wear them full time, probably for the rest of her life. We went to OPSM for a quote, and we nearly died, cos they quoted $400! OMG mine probably came to just over half that amount 8-[

    We went to a more private optometrist, and were quoted around $360 ish. Both places were reasonably priced frames, etc. We were told that the kids usually get carbon polymer lenses for safety, hence why they are dearer.

    My question is, what's the best price or quote other parents have had for glasses? I'm just curious as to the 'norm'.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Our neighbour's girl has them and I know it cost her over $300, not sure how much more though.