thread: Overly attached?

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    Jun 2008

    Overly attached?

    Not my DS... me!

    My DS is just over 2 months old, and I am yet to have left him with anyone... even my DH. My DH is so sweet and just really, really wants to be actively involved with our DS, but I think I've sort of been preventing that from happening.

    Even though DH has said he wants to help out in the middle of the night, I never wake him to help (he doesn't hear DS on his own). When DS starts getting upset with DH or anyone else, I'm quite quick to take him off their hands to calm him down. I think our DS is starting to get a bit attached in that way too - cause it seems like I'm the only one who can calm him down.
    Also, whenever we're out anywhere I tend to hold him the whole time. Even if he falls asleep, rather than put him down in the cot, say at my parent's place, I just keep holding him.
    I'm a bit worried that DS is going to get too clingy to me - or is he so young that it doesn't matter yet?

    I don't quite know what the point of this post is. Perhaps to ask if anyone else is the same, or any advice to try and ease me into sharing my DS around a bit more, especially with my DH.

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    Sep 2007

    I was the same with my DS. Being my last baby & my first boy.
    We were very attatched, but now that he's walking he has his own agenda. He loves Daddy heaps. Nanny is ok, but puts him to sleep all the time (but also takes him for fun drives, lol). Poppy is by far his fave.
    I'm just booby most of the time. But we still have an amazing bond. I love it.

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    Oct 2006
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    I was abit like you with my 1st child, luckily for me she isn't the clingy type so I really think that can depend on the child themselves.

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    aaah, let go when you are ready hun.

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    Jul 2007
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    sterla...I am the same with my DS and he's just about to turn one, LOL (and he's also my 4th). They are only babies for such a short time hun...enjoy it!

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    Mar 2008
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    I was much the same, you just want to hold them all the time!

    I think largely the answer is time- over time it gets a little easier to let go. As your baby gets older and more independent, it seems easier to separate a bit. Your baby is still very young, I think its totally normal to want to be so attached.

    Having said that, your DH might feel like he is missing out on bonding with your little one, and that would be sad for all of you. Obviously try to involve him as much as you feel you can. I can tell you, its SOOO sweet to see your DH really spend time with and bond with your LO. It made me fall in love with DH in a whole new way.

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    Jun 2008

    Thanks for your replies .

    I think it's my not sharing DS with my DH that worries me the most. My DH feels so useless when DS is crying and won't settle for him, and I'm always so quick to take DS back that they don't get a chance to work something out.