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    (Wasn't sure where to post this - hope this spot is okay!)

    I'm very much looking forward to going to the PBC expo this weekend. I have always wanted to go to one (I'm one of those eternally clucky types! ) but have never had a real reason to go before. Last year, it was on just before I got my BFP so I missed my opportunity then!

    Anyways, just a few questions for those who have been previously...

    1. Which day/time is best to go? Is there a quieter day/time? I'm sort of limited to the weekend days though as DH will be coming too and he has to work on the Friday!

    2. Are there any good samples / bargains that I should be keeping an eye out for? Any MCN bargains to be found? etc, etc.

    3. I'm thinking it'll probably be best to carry DS (3 months) in his Hug-a-Bub rather than taking the pram to enable us to get through the crowd easier. I am assuming that there will be a crowd that I need to battle?! (I could be wrong?) Or would a pram be okay? Any thoughts??

    4. How long (roughly) does it usually take to get through? A couple of hours? All day?

    5. Any other Expo tips for the uninitiated?!

    Ummm... I think that's it.

    Thanks in advance!
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