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Thread: patting to settle to sleep

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    Default patting to settle to sleep


    DS (5mnths) was always rocked to sleep, but things are changing, i cant do it anymore. anyhow after going to sleep school, have started settling by double patting etc.. just wondering who else uses this technique, and has had good results from it.

    and if so, how long were you using it, before abby could really self sttle themselves. i dont want DS to rely on this to get to sleep..


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    I use whatever technique I can to get DD to sleep, pat, rock walk around, sing... will swing from chandeliers if I need to ha ha..

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    Jess i started last week to get him to self settle as my arms were just breaking rocking his 9kg boofhead. Some nights i have to pat (like tonight), others i just let him be, put him music on, give him a dummy and just stand in his room until he goes to sleep. If the dummy comes out, i put it straight back in or if he rolls onto his tummy (he likes to fall asleep on his side now) i roll him back and eventually he just falls asleep after not too long. Just keep at it mate.. once he's going good guns then try and let him self settle.. if he gets all frustraited then pat him but only do it when he needs it.. a sort of weaning effect maybe?

    Best of luck.

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    Josiah is over the patting, but now he wont go to sleep unless we're holding his hand! I wish he would go to sleep with us just standing in the room, but if we're not holding his hands, thus 'pinning him down' (not really, it must just be a mental thing for him) he's bouncing all over the cot. It's very frustrating. I stopped rocking him to sleep when he was about 6 months - he just got too strong!

    Definately give Kel's idea a go...and good luck


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    Most times I stil lhave to cuddle Charlotte( 7 months) to sleep, When she does show tired signs I do put her down in her cot, and as soon as I walk out she starts crying, i also try to pat her, but she just rolls all over her cot and turns around so she can face me, I am getting a phone call on thurs from a sleep school, I wonder what they have to say.....

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