thread: Percentiles?

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    Jul 2004


    I keep hearing about percentiles in regards to height and weight. Just wondering what it actually means...


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    It is the growth charts Tegan

    Kamerons weight is in the 50th Percentile which means he is normal. His height is in the 10 - 20th percentile which is just under average.

    Hope that helps a bit.


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    Jul 2004
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    The growth charts should be at teh back of Lily's Health Record book.

    You should ask you CHN to show you how they work when you next go in... it just gives you a rough idea of where your baby is (size/weight wise) compared to other babies of the same age.

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    My MCHN described it really well for me:

    For example, if your baby was in the 50th percentile for weight:

    If you put your baby in a room with 100 other babies all born on the same day, there would be 50 babies heavier than your baby and 49 babies lighter than your baby.

    In Olivia's case, she is currently in the 5th percentile for height and weight, so in a room full of 100 babies, there would be 95 babies bigger and heavier and taller than her!!

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    Hey thats a great way of descibing it Lucy!

    That means there would only be 3 out of 100 babies, bigger than my boy (or should I say giant, LOL)

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    Nov 2004

    And there would be 100 babies who weigh more than Alex... but only 75 who are taller than him!

    I don't quite know how it works when you're off the bottom of the charts!

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    LOL.... Matilda is still in the top 95% for height & weight

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    Well my poor little boy would be the tallest and heaviest of all the boys his age. He is the top percentile, when he was born he was in the top 5%, and he hasnt stopped growing.