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    Yasin was a very outgoing baby but now as a toddler he's become quite shy and reserved and very cautious about trying new things. I'm not too worried about it but I was just wondering if other people have noticed thier becoming a bit shyer as toddlers.

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    One of the babies in my MG was really really outgoing as a smaller baby. She was the first crawling and walking, and used to get into everything!
    Now she is much, much mroe reserved. She will stand on the outer of a room watching everything and taking it in before coming to play with the other kids.
    I dont know if its a phase or what, but it is funny when you consider how outgoing she was 8m ago!

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    The same as Fi - I have a friend who's little one was rolling/crawling before Jacob and would get into things, but boy have the times changed! She is now very quiet and reserved and doesn't really talk at all, and takes a little while to adjust to play sessions with Jacob, who was the first one walking and is now into everything and generally quite out going. He too can have his quiet and reserved times, but for the most part, he's very outgoing compared to his little friend now.

    Honestly I don't think there's any problem - if anything, showing a little caution is a good thing at the end of the day!

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