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    I was just wondering what people with the phil and Ted or the Love N Care Europa do for a baby bag. We just bought a Love N Care Europa today (same principal as the P&T but was bigger and cheaper) and I am used to hanging my baby bag over the handle, but it doesnt look like I can with the toddler in the back.

    Any Ideas?

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    I know you can get a type of saddle bag that attaches to the side of the P & T - I think its called a pannier??? Im getting one once bub is born so have been wondering the same thing! Good luck!

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    yes the pannier bags are great & hold heaps! I haven't used the back seat with a child in it yet, I currently use it for extra storage when shopping etc so I hadn't even thought about what it will be like when I have a second child in the back.
    I'll probably use the pannier bags for the "nappy bag" & just carry my normal hand bag with my phone, purse etc???
    I hope that helps.

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