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Thread: Phil and teds prams

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    Smile Phil and teds prams

    Hi everone i have a 13 month old and am pregnant with #2 and am thinking of purchasing the phil and teds pram.

    I was just wondering if anyone could please email me some pictures of there toddlers and Newborns as im very confused where the newborn goes and would like to get a better look as the website is confusing.

    Also does anyone who has this pram have any good or bad feed back on it would be great

    My email is [email protected]

    Thankyou very much


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    ah... have a look in our recommend a product forum, there are a few threads on the P & T pram. We have one but haven't taken any photos. Have you gone to a shop to have a look? Thats the way I had to go in the end because I needed to see for myself. We brought our toddler with us pram shopping which helped choose as well. I wanted something she would sit in and be comfortable.

    I haven't any pictures of the two in the pram at all & now Jovie's almost big enough to set the pram up as a double seat rather than the hammock & toddler seat.

    The thing I like the best is the older child is in the front.

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