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Thread: is phlegm normal?

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    Default is phlegm normal?

    me again!

    Just wondering if its normal for baby to have some phlegm in her throat. ( I know, not very pleasant ).. but when Aneta sneezes strongly , or coughs , she seems to bring up phlegm... she doesnt cry much , only coughs every now and then ( doesnt have a regular cough or anything ) and is a happy formula-fed baby, so I dont think she's sick or that anything is hurting her - but as usual, im concerned.

    ETA - she also regularly has breathing that sounds like " rattling " ( hard to explain )... it sounds as if the phlegm is in her throat and she doesnt know how to cough or get rid of it
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    She may have slight hayfever or something like that, that is cause just the little bit of phlegm. Been spring and all with the pollens in the air, it could be something as simply as that, I know Kailen had hayfever as a baby and if her nose gets blocked with snot then you can use some fess nasal spray. HTH.

    hugs xoxo

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    Hi Enigma,

    I read in Robyn Barker's "Babylove" that babies have small airways which often get clogged by milk or nasal secretions and can sound rattly. It might not mean that the baby has an illness or allergy unless other symptoms are present.

    Also as Amanda said, the FESS for babies is really good if the baby has a cold or something. William wouldn't let me use the aspirator on him but I think the drops were more than enough. Certainly helped to clear the passages before feeding.

    Hope that's of some reassurance to you.


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