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Thread: pimples on my baby's face

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    maccasandme Guest

    Default pimples on my baby's face

    Ok, I am a first time mum so need to ask a question as I don't know much (but with everyones help I will learn )

    Lil has had perfect baby skin on her face since she was born....until Monday just gone. I noticed a few pimples under her eyes but didn't think too much of it until Tuesday. Her face looks like she has broken out in acne or something. Little red pimples all over her face.

    I have done a few searches on the internet and have come up with ..milk rash or milk pimples? I am breastfeeding.

    However I am still not sure and am hoping someone can help. Is it normal for babies to break out like this? Has all of your children gotten this as well? Is there anything to make it go away? Heat seems to bring it out more from what I have noticed.... she doesn't seem to be in distress from it.

    Thank you in advance

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    DD got spots on her face when she was around 6-8 weeks old for around 2-3 weeks. I was told it was due to hormones and it is perfectly normal. They did go away and now she is fine

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    DS had them (lots..>80 on his face - i counted them) up until about 9 weeks.
    he had them on practically every part of his skin that i touched (way to make a new, First time mum feel good!)

    I was tol they were normal, and they went away on their own.

    unless you think they are puss-y etc, they are probably normal

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    paradise lost Guest


    DD got her 6-week rash at 3 weeks old and kept it until nearly 8 weeks old! Her skin was so rough, like sand-paper, but she didn't seem too worried by it. My first AF came at 6 weeks and her rash vanished a few weeks later, only to return for a day or 2 just before AF until i stopped BF at 7 months. BTW - i feel totally ripped off that i was BF every 3 hours round the clock and AF came back at 6 weeks!


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    Could also be Millea. My GF DD got Millea a few weeks after she was born but it's now gone.

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    maccasandme Guest


    Thanks for your responses...makes me feel a bit better to know it has happened to others and its not just me or something I've done

    Mads, I know what you mean about people saying its something you have eaten, I just got that today from my real estate when I went to pay rent. She saw Lils face and asked me if I was breast feeding then when I said yes, said "Oh, you must of eaten something bad. You have to be careful what you put into your body because it goes straight through to your baby and creates problems"

    I started to panic a tad, scrolling through everything I've eaten. I know you have to be careful about your diet when breast feeding but it s good to know that different conditions such as the pimples are not anything to do with food.

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    maccasandme Guest


    Thanks for posting that information Caro!

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    Go and have a look at Jesse's website.. scroll down to his Photo Gallery.. have a look in the 0 - 2 months photos and youll see one titled "Mr Spotty".. that was taken on a good day. He was absolutely covered! They hung around for about 3 weeks or so but no matter what you try and put on them nothing works except time. They will eventually go and her beautiful baby skin will come back. I know its hard, you just wanna show her off, i was the same with Jesse but they dont effect the babies at all.. you just have to let them come and go. It has nothing to do with what you are eating or whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding. Jesse was bottlefed from 9 days old and didnt get them until about 4 weeks old. It is to do with the hormones that are passed over to bubs during labour.

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    Hello Mums, I stumbled across this website because I was very concerned about my bub who has got "pimples" I was soooo releived to read that this is a common thing in most babies. I read with interest the question that maccasandne wrote and it is good to know that we are not alone. I am glad to know that these "pimples" will eventually go away as I was quite worried that maybe something was wrong. Thanks for the information that has been put on here.

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