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    is pinky mckay the same as elizabeth pantley? someone told me to get 'the no cry sleep solution' by pinky mckay but the author on the book is actually elizabeth pantley, i was thinking its a psudonym maybe?

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    Hi Hollo,
    NO, they are two different people! Elizaeth is American. Pinky is a Aussie from Melbourne
    Pinky has written a book called "sleeping like a baby"
    Both have similar "gentle" styles, however,
    I have both Pinky's and Elizabeth's books and found them both very worth reading. Can't say I have had much success with DS sleep habits as yet but I do feel less guilt about what I am doing to cope eg co-sleeping etc. Pinky, in particular, is all for doing wht works for you and your baby and not listening to the "should and should not" critics you encounter every day!
    Hope that helps!

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